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AP2V stands for "Au Près De Vous" which means "at your side" in French. AP2V Conseils offers global expertise in Human-related topics, and thus helps people, companies and organizations to improve their performance in a sustainable and responsible way and the well-being of the people with giving meaning to their daily lives.


We listen to you in order to offer tailor-made services to :  

The Human Factor and Collective Intelligence valorization

Organizational Performance achievement

Managerial Excellence achievement



There exists within organizations and enterprises, strong co-dependencies between the management style, chosen modes of organization, and people behavior as well as their feelings. AP2V Conseils therefore provides a complete and tailor-made solution to support you in a relevant way and adapted to your needs on these three axes, as shown in the diagram below :



Our services allow you to act on Managerial Excellence, transitions and personal development, global working conditions quality (Occupational health and safety), individual or collective efficiency and productivity and as well on the four main performance drivers whose motivation and commitment of employees are the indicators :

  • Absenteeism
  • People Turn-over
  • Noncompliances
  • Ineffectiveness in the work

Discover more in detail the mechanisms of these 4 levers of performance: 



Invest today in the human capital of your organization !



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