Rigor and Analysis of the engineer - Listening and Sensitivity of the coach  




Beyond our strong humanistic convictions and because without purpose we can not do anything big, our company and its actors are committed to defend the following values :


- Honesty and rigor :

Because sometimes you have to tell yourself and become aware of things as they are at a given moment in order for the desired changes to take place


- Respect and listening :

Because empathy is fundamental when trying to understand others in order to help them. The first step of mutual active listening is necessary to lay a sound basis for work and to define relevant areas for improvement


- Result and pro-activity :

Because any action loses its legitimacy if the result is not at the rendezvous, we make a point of honor to mobilize all available resources to help our client to achieve the objectives he has set



Our philosophy :

" Rigor always comes to the end of the obstacle " - Léonard de VINCI


" Whoever has a purposeful goal can live with just about anything " - NIETZSCHE



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