Rigor and Analysis of the engineer - Listening and Sensitivity of the coach  




We have developed a unique and highly efficient method to support you as closely as possible to your controlled and responsible change and performance improvement needs, acting on the main lever of commitment and motivation: THE HUMAN POWER FORCE.



It is indeed the combination of our 3 types of services namely consulting, professional coaching and management traineeship, used in a coordinated way in time and space but also requested at the right moment that allows to act of sustainable, comprehensive and comprehensive way in all areas concerned.


This method involves 5 logical steps of interventions, at different levels of your organization, thus going through the strategic, tactical and operational domains of the implementation of pragmatic and targeted actions in answer to the identified problems. These steps range from an organizational and strategic audit, to the operational monitoring of the implementation of actions, inspired by Kotter's theory of change management.


Depending on the maturity of your need or project, we help you answer the following questions :


  • Level 0: Why do I need this project or to change this situation? What is the meaning behind ?
  • Level 1: What will I be able to do? What are my drivers, my axes of action ?
  • Level 2: How am I going to implement these actions ? What means or resources are needed ?


We are indeed convinced that the key success factor of any project lies in its governance and its preparation thanks in particular to the successive and orderly answers to these three logical levels : first "why", then "what" and finally "how".


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