Rigor and Analysis of the engineer - Listening and Sensitivity of the coach  

AP2V Expert Team 

A Humanist Network for the benefit of sustainable performance, which supports you in your transformation projects



Is your organization in a transformation stage?

Together, let's build and orchestrate the roadmap to your success. We support you while respecting the balance of who you are, your values ​​and your environment with kindness, humility and professionalism.



A set of authentic and strong values

Humanism - Innovation - Humility - Excellence - Joy

The AP2V Conseils network is an Agency of Experienced Partners, who know each other and share the same vision of the world of labor to offer services of a very high level. In particular, we share a base of common values, an attachment to public service and a results-oriented culture. Our differentiators and strengths are:

Complementarity - Challenge of customer needs with coaching tools - Professionalism - Agility - Pro-activity and creative watch


At your side, we defend the following ambitions :

Build a relationship of trust

   Foster autonomy and accountability

      Orchestrate transformations with harmony

         Contribute to the client being the actor of his own success

            Support the “CSR” awareness of companies


We have developed a unique and resolutely innovative way of offering consultancy services : The AP2V Expert Team.


AP2V Conseils' commitment is based on the high level of expertise of a team made up of experienced experts both in different business specializations and in assisting people. Consultants we coordinate are all independent, recognized experts in their field and with maximum responsiveness. In addition, they all have recognized professional experience for several years and they are used to working together.

Our Network can be seen as an agency of experienced partners, who know very well each other and share the same vision of the labor world, offering very high level services : it is not a platform for networking. Indeed, we share a base of common values, a strong commitment to quality of service (both in the public and private sector) and a results-oriented culture.


This operating mode provides the cumulative advantagess : 

  • Flexibility and geographic proximity of a small structure,
  • With the coverage and striking power of a large structure, with national representation
  • While minimizing operating and structural costs, allowing very competitive fees to be offered in relation to quality of the consultants profiles presented


Traditional structural costs of a consulting firm related to salaries of the “senior” management disappear (the classic “pyramidal hierarchical piled up maze" of the consultant junior 1, junior 2, Senior 1, Senior 2, Partner Junior, and so on…), decisions making and approvals processes are much faster and therefore the inertia of the project decreases (the response is much more agile).


AP2V's Ecosystem main Players 



AP2V's Ecosystem Expertises




Meet our English-Speaking members



Organizational Expert - co-development and certified Coach

Expertise :

Private Sector - Co-development - Global and Change Management

Sophie LEGOUX bases her coaching practice on a rich experience in management and project management. In more than twenty years of evolution in ...



Trainer Consultant Coach certified n° 9118-1907

Expertise :

Private Sector - Training - Management

José Bourgeois draws on a triple culture of business relations, training and coaching, to provide appropriate approaches to ...


Florent POULET

AP2V Fondator, Co-fondator BOOSTMYFIRM, Engineer - Business Coach certified n° 9118-1935

Expertise :

Private and Public Sector - Change Management - Project Management - Engineering

Florent POULET relies on an unusual dual culture of a "Top Level Engineer" and certified coach, to provide innovative services adapted to current issues...



Certified Coach -  QSE Senior Consultant - Trainer - Co-Developpement Facilitator     

Expertise :

Private Sector - Quality - Organization and Change Management

Judith KELLER assists, trains and audits, while working in a company, which allows her to integrate for each of the postures, the strategic axis of facilitating feasibility and appropriation ...



Fondator APEKSA Consulting, Engineer - Business Coach certified n° 9218-1971

Expertise :

Private and Public Sector - Change Management - Managerial Innovations - Personal Development

Developing and improving constitute the common thread of its commitment. It offers an original approach combining consulting and coaching ...