Rigor and Analysis of the engineer - Listening and Sensitivity of the coach  


Florent POULET

AP2V Fondator, Co-fondator BOOSTMYFIRM, Engineer - Business Coach certified n° 9118-1935


Florent POULET relies on an unusual dual culture of "Top Level Engineer" and certified coach, to provide innovative services adapted to the current complex issues of the world of labor. More precisely, the mobilization of the Analysis and the Rigor of the Engineer, coupled with the Listening and the Sensitivity of the Coach offers a unique, global and highly relevant approach, guarantee of satisfaction and quality for the client.

He also acts as a lecturer in fields related to Managerial Excellence in business and Professor of Management in Business School.

More specifically, his in-depth knowledge of the operation of private companies and public sector (in particular its stakes) coupled with his solid experience in Project Management, allows him to assume in this case the role of Project Manager, thus ensuring effective and efficient management and coordination over time and space (Quality-Cost-Delay approach) of all the other service providers that the mission may require, for the benefit of the client.  

Professional background

Graduated from Centrale Nantes, Florent worked for ten years in the management of engineering agencies (Business Units) of different sizes and core businesses in the construction and industrial fields in France.

These leadership and management experiences in high demanding and constantly changing contexts give him a strong legitimacy to understand the activities, challenges and context of his clients.

He carried out and was in charge of services ranging from assistance to project management in condominiums, project management and site management for the rehabilitation of establishments open to the public, via diagnosing and monitoring the aging of infrastructure and industrial structures, particularly in the context of the creation of new metro lines for the Grand Paris Express (GPE), of which he was Project Director in addition to his functions as Director of Paris agency for the company SITES. He also acted as consultant in energy and quality audits for industry and construction in Europe.

In 2018, he created AP2V Conseils in order to bring his vision, his desire to share, his experience and his know-how to organizations, companies and people increasingly demanding relevant and efficient support in order to better manage the increasingly complex current and future issues and challenges in the world of labor.

Finally, he is a certified professional coach form French State, affiliated with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). His practice is based on his experience as a manager and finds its theoretical foundations in particular in transactional analysis (AT), Gestalt Therapy and neurolinguistic programming (NLP). He leads the AP2V Management Academy in order to share his vision of efficient, sustainable, pragmatic and ethical management. From a more personal point of view, the sense of human, social values ​​and sharing have always been a common thread, with in particular by being younger, the Management of leisure centers (French Counselor/Director "BAFA / BAFD" diplomas) for disadvantaged children or even more recently the realization of solidarity coaching for people in professional rehab.