Rigor and Analysis of the engineer - Listening and Sensitivity of the coach  



Certified Coach -  QSE Senior Consultant - Trainer - Co-Developpement Facilitator     


Judith KELLER assists, trains and audits, while exercising in a company, which allows her to integrate for each of the postures, the strategic axis of facilitating the feasibility and the appropriation of concepts and actions by the collaborators, at all levels of organizations. She worked internationally for almost 15 years, as a supplier quality auditor, qualifying suppliers, supporting them in their progress process to ensure a facilitated relationship with their customers. The diversity of cultures and functions with which she has exercised (working with both management and operational staff of all levels in Europe, North Africa and Asia) has led her to listen and observe others to understand the individuals in their context and adjust their action in a fair and appropriate manner.


Professional background :

After a 15-year journey centered around the monitoring and progress of subcontractors, Judith has been assisting organizations for 8 years in the implementation and improvement of their Quality, Safety or Environment Management systems, both in industry than in the tertiary sector, with structures of a private or public nature, which allows it today to be comfortable and efficient regardless of the activity, size or nature of the structure which wishes to progress and transform on the basis of a quality approach.

She exercised a wide range of quality functions, from product or service development to its realization, control, and then more focused on the Quality Management System, defining and deploying the systems that can lead to ISO certifications. To better support the structures, it offers them a more panoramic vision, it is oriented towards the certification of IRCA auditor, then carrying out subcontracted audits. It also trains employees in the entire quality process, its methods and tools.

Driven by the principle of continuous improvement which is the common thread of its activity (support towards a beneficial change), it is continuously formed according to the needs identified in the field, and this is to better support organizations in all their stages transformation, both organizational and structural, that Judith trained in coaching in 2017. It was also an opportunity for significant personal development that made her review her methods throughout her professional field of action.