Rigor and Analysis of the engineer - Listening and Sensitivity of the coach  



Organizational Expert - co-development and certified Coach


Sophie LEGOUX bases her coaching practice on a rich experience in management and project management. In more than twenty years of evolution in large companies, she has been led to pilot international projects - often remotely - and to train local relays, which allowed her to develop a strong competence in transverse management, in listening to various cultural sensitivities - Africa / China projects in particular, in the framing of projects and the detection and support of good practices. More specifically in relation to this market, its direct and transverse management skills, its natural aptitude for collaboration, its habit of large groups and its knowledge of executives and managers position it as an asset to facilitate this operational seminar.


Professional background :

Sophie has more than twenty years in IT engineering, including ten years as a service provider for large retail structures and the banking sector mainly, then she joined international logistics Boloré Africa Logistics where she intervened through Sub-Saharan Africa in the piloting of large-scale projects such as the restructuring of the invoicing of the Abidjan container park, the coordination of the upgrading of the agencies of the East African countries, the coordination of the deployment logistics for Huawei warehouses in East Africa. It is a driving force in the detection of talent in agencies and enables the development of a local pool involved. Then she was entrusted with the implementation of MDM and Business Intelligence. It is then a question of convincing the managers of the subsidiaries and making them work together.

These experiences lead her to train in coaching in order to be better able to foster a common culture and collaboration among the directors of the parent structure and African subsidiaries.

In her coaching practice, Sophie relies on different approaches such as coaching, NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming, the Ericksonian approach, free eye movement, the sociogram, conflict management, strategic coaching and also animation techniques.

Regarding her experience in the sector of public organizations, she carried out managerial and organizational coaching (more than 40 people) for organizations such as OPIEVOY or RATP.

If Sophie has been practicing consulting for ten years, initially in the form of a one-person company, she has chosen to join a collaborative corporation called "SCOP" in a desire for collaboration and pooling of resources, so she is involved in the development of collaborative dynamics.

She also has another social dimension, as it actively participates in the professional coach association ICF France - with more than a thousand members, the second largest chapter of the International Coach Federation. She was part of the Board of Directors for four years where she animated the coordination of the 14 metropolitan and overseas branches. Locally, for the past two years, she has been coordinator of the Valence pole for the ICFF AURA antenna and lead coach at the office of the Valence "60000 Rebonds" antenna where she leads the monthly committees of 30 managers as well as co-development workshops.